Signing in to Alludo


Alludo supports players signing in with six different identities. By far, the most popular are district accounts supporting either Google or Office 365.

  • District Google account
  • District Office 365 account
  • Email / password - only use this if explicitly directed to do so by your district.
  • Amazon account
  • Twitter account (for some instances)
  • Facebook account (for some instances)

First Time Sign In

The very first time you sign in to Alludo, you need to select the identity you wish to use. Unless otherwise directed, select either "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Office 365". You should only sign in with email if explicitly directed to do so by your district.

For example, if you use Google applications in your district you would most likely sign in by clicking on "Sign in with Google"

Sign In With Google or Office 365 Unless Otherwise Directed By Your District

Once you have successfully signed in with your district Google or Office 365 accounts for the very first time then you need to create your account in Alludo.

Click Complete Account Setup

Set Up Your Alludo Profile

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