With the Hueneme release, Alludo supports three kinds of notifications: in-app, email, and push.

In App Notifications

In App notifications are the messages that users have access to within the app. To see your in-app messages, just click on the Hello notifications icon. You will see your latest messages.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are notifications that are sent to your device whether you are logged into Alludo or not. You need to grant access before Alludo will send you a push notification. On a desktop computer, you need to allow push notifications in your browser. The first time you log into Alludo, you will be prompted to allow the notifications.

Once you allow the notifications, the push notifications will communicate with the notifications system on your device. This varies across operating systems (OS X, Windows, Chromebook). On OS X, the push notifications 

On mobile devices, you will be prompted to allow push notifications from Alludo when you add Alludo to your home screen.

Push Notification Supported Platforms

Push notifications are currently supported on the following platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Chromebook
  • Android
  • Linux

Due to Apple not currently supporting the progressive web application standards, push notifications are not supported on iOS.

Configuring Your Notifications

Notifications settings are located in your profile. To set your notification preferences, click on the "Settings" link in your notifications window. Note, you will always have access to in-app notifications even if you opt out of email or push notifications.

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