Subscriptions Overview

Publishing and subscribing in Alludo allows game builders to share and receive activity updates. When a game builder copies an activity from the catalog (or another game owned by your organization), the copied activity is subscribed to the originating activity. Game builders then have the option to update their copied activity when the originating activity is updated.

Publishers and subscribers always maintain 100% control over their activities including when subscribers accept updates shared by publishers. Subscribers have the option of auto-accepting updates but a publisher cannot force a subscriber to accept updates. The activities within your games are always under your control.

What Fields Are Updated

It is important to build your games within the context your district and learners expect so when you copy an activity only four sections will be updated when the publisher makes changes:

  • Description
  • Resources
  • Criteria for Approval
  • Evidence Types

When subscribing to an activity you can customize all the sections of your activity other than the four listed above.

A Note About Evidence Types

An Evidence Type section contains several fields and all of these fields are updated when you accept updates. If the publisher changes the description for an Evidence Type in an activity that you subscribed to your activity evidence types will be updated when you accept the changes. This includes the visible/hidden flag for the evidence type.

In addition to updating fields, activity subscriptions will also detect the addition of new evidence types and the hiding of existing evidence types.

Auto-Accepting and Manual Review

By default, subscribed activities require manual review before changes to published activities are accepted. Game admins will receive notification via email and system notifications when publishers make changes to subscribed activities that require manual review. No notification is sent for subscribers that have auto-accept enabled. 


Subscribed activities are updated approximately one (1) hour after the last change was made to the published activity. This provides publishers to catch typos and similar changes to activities without overwhelming subscribers with notifications.

Adding and Archiving Activities

Currently, it is not possible to subscribe to a mission, level, or game. This means that subscribers will not detect the addition or archival of activities.

Canceling Subscriptions

If you do not wish to receive updates you can cancel your subscription to the published activity. Note, this action is permanent - it cannot be undone.

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