Group Membership

After you create a Group you need to add members. Fortunately, adding members to groups can be done very quickly. When adding people to a group, the people you wish to add must exist within the district or in the game if you are creating a game-based group. Note, you can invite people who are not already in the district (hint: invitations) and this is covered in a separate article.

Adding People to a Group

 To add people to a group, click on Members within a Group. Once within Members, click on Add.

To add people, you have two methods to add people. If you only have a few people to add to a group then you can just start typing the name of the people. The people that match the letters you are typing will appear and you can just select them. You can add people to a group really quickly with this method. 

There is a faster method to add people. If you have quite a few people to add, you can quickly add them by pasting in a comma-separated list of email addresses. All the people who have matching email addresses within the district or game will be added to the group.

Removing Group Members

To remove people from a group, just check the checkbox next to the people you want to remove and then click Remove Members.

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