Managing Users

There are several roles in Alludo to help you manage access:

  • Player - plays games
  • Achievement Reviewer - reviews player achievements
  • Level Designer - designs games and activities
  • Admin

When a person first signs in to Alludo they are given the Player role. For other roles, an Admin must assign roles after a person has signed in.

To manage users, go to the Admin page and click on Users (found on the General Configuration card).

This will take you to the entire list of people who have access to games in your district.

To more easily manage users, you can apply filters.

To edit a user, click the three dots in the user's row.



A player has the ability to play games, view reports, view her current badge, and update her profile.

Achievement Reviewer

Assigning someone the achievement reviewer role allows them to approve achievements. Assigning additional achievement reviewers helps you scale your PD. It's also a great way to increase engagement; we often see players become achievement reviewers after completing a certain number of levels.

When you first assign someone an achievement reviewer role, they have the ability to review all achievements in all games. If you wish to limit the achievements a reviewer can review, you can apply achievement tags or reviewable schools. 

Once you have defined achievement tags, you can tag a user and they will only be able to review achievements that are similarly tagged.

Applying a reviewable school will allow the reviewer to only review achievements created by players from a particular school site.  

Achievement reviewers have limited access to the Admin menu so that they can review achievements.

Level Designer

A level designer is able to create new activities within a game. Unlike an admin, activities created by a level designer need to be reviewed by an admin before they can be published. This allows you to provide a quick check on the activity. The level designer has access to games and to the catalog.

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