Gameboard Overview


The gameboard is your starting point after you join a game. This article provides an overview of the five components you can find on a game board.

  1. Game Summary
  2. Levels
  3. Leaders
  4. Message Board (if enabled)
  5. Activity Feed (not pictured - can be found below the level cards)

Game Summary

The game summary provides an overview of your game activity.

  • Learning Time - the total amount of time you have earned completing activities in the game.
  • Approved Activities - the total count of your completed activities that have been approved.
  • In Review Activities - the total count of your completed activities that are waiting review.
  • Paused Activities - the total count of your completed activities that have been paused by a reviewer.
  • Reviewed Activities - if you are a reviewer, the count of activities you reviewed will appear here.
  • Rank - your position relative to all other learners in the game.
  • Rewards Balance (if store is enabled) -  The balance you have remaining for choosing incentives available in the store
  • Points Progress Bar - your game progress is visualized by the points progress bar. Points from completed activities are displayed on the progress bar. The progress bar turns from yellow to green when you done the minimum to complete the game.
    • Completed all required levels
    • Completed all required missions
    • Completed all required activities
    • Earned the minimum total points for levels and missions


Levels are your entry point for discovering and navigating to activities in Alludo. Levels are displayed as cards by default but you can view levels as a list if you prefer. Level cards are denoted by the three-circles icon in the top left of the card. Each card provides you with summary information about the activities you completed in the level:

  • The Name of the Level
  • The Badge you will earn when you complete the level
  • The points you have earned by completing activities
  • The time you have accumulated completing activities

When you complete the minimum requirements for the level, the level action button changes from an orange arrow to a green checkmark.

Level Card Status

  • A level card with an orange arrow action button is accessible.
  • A level card with a gray arrow action button can only be accessed after the prerequisite levels have been completed.
  • A level card with a green arrow action button has had the minimum requirements completed. As you can see in the example above, just because the minimum has been completed there are still activities that can be completed.


The Leaders bar takes you to the game's leaderboard.

Message Board (optional)

If enabled, the Message Board presents the ten most recent messages for the Game's Message Board. Clicking on Message Board takes you to the message board where you can post and respond to messages.  You can tag other learners in your game by using the '@' symbol followed by their name. 

Activity Feed

At the bottom of the game board you will find the Activity Feed. The ten most recent activities for the game are presented here.

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