Sharing Player Progress on Twitter

You can share your players' accomplishments on Twitter. This is a great way to keep engagement high and to share player accomplishments with their peers. In this guide, we walk you through enabling your district to share player accomplishments in Twitter.

There are two high level steps to integrating with Twitter:
  1. Register your district with Twitter
  2. Copy your Twitter application’s credentials to Alludo.

Register Your District with Twitter

In this step you are going to "create a Twitter application." The language can be a little daunting but there is nothing to worry about. Despite the language, you are simply registering your account with Twitter so that Alludo can share your player accomplishments.

Create a Twitter Application

Tip: before beginning, ensure that the Twitter account you are using is associated with a mobile number. Twitter requires this for authentication before creating an application.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in. Be sure that you are logged in on behalf of the account you wish the tweets to be sent. You don't want to send district tweets from your personal account.
  3. Select "Create New App". This will take you to Application Details.

Application Details

Application Details is where you provide basic information. To successfully create the application, you need to provide four pieces of information:

  1. A unique name - this must be unique within all the Twitter applications. I recommend going with “Alludo <your district name/initials> PD.” This name will not be broadcast or otherwise shared. It is only to keep track of the application.
  2. A description - provide a basic description. You can cut and paste the name if you like.
  3. The website that will be making the application calls:
  4. Agree to the terms of the Developer Agreement.

Note: you do not need to provide a Callback URL.

Once you have provided all of the information, click “Create your Twitter application.”

Create and Copy your Twitter Application’s Credentials

Once your application is created you need to create and copy four variables to Alludo  (Note: Never share any of these variables ):
  • Consumer Key (API Key) - automatically generated when you create the application
  • Consumer Secret (API Secret) - automatically generated when you create the application
  • Access Token - you will need to create this
  • Access Token Secret - you will need to create this

To create and copy these variables take these two steps:

  1. Navigate to "Keys and Access Tokens"
  2. Click "Create my access token"

Once complete, you should see something like the image below. Note, you may see some error messages when generating your tokens. You're now in the world of Twitter developers where spurious errors are the norm; everything is okay from your perspective.

You are now ready to copy your Twitter application credentials to Alludo.

Copy your Twitter application’s credentials to Alludo

The consumer key was created with the application was created. Now you need to create the access token. You will need to copy both to Alludo. To create the access token, scroll down the page and click on “Create my access token”

Once you have created the Access Token, you have all that you need to complete the integration. To complete the integration, you need to copy the tokens and secrets to District Settings in Alludo.

Add a hashtag (optional) - If you would like your teachers to be able to easily search accomplishments in Twitter, you can add a hashtag that will be added to every accomplishment that gets tweeted.
Once you have copied the keys and secrets, click Save and in about 10 minutes your instance of Alludo will start promoting your teacher’s achievements to Twitter.

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