User Management

In this article, we will cover updating user accounts.

Under User Management admins see all the people who have access to their district and can manage all user accounts that belong to their district. Admins cannot update user accounts that belong to other districts.

From the user management page admins can see most of the details about a user:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • School site the person is assigned to
  • Last login date
  • Sourced ID - identifier used for identifying users with external systems
  • Active status - be default only enabled users are displayed
  • Roles - roles assigned to the person
  • Games - games the person is learning
  • Groups - groups the person belongs to


Use filters to find a specific person or a specific collection of people. Apply specific filters by clicking on "Filter"

Editing A User Account

To edit a user account, click on the three ellipsis next to the user account and select edit.

As an admin you can update the following:

  • Email address
  • School the user belongs to
  • Sourced ID - only update this if you have a good understanding of Sourced ID as it may affect other systems
  • Twitter username and Twitter Integration - if Twitter Integration is enabled the user's Twitter account will be referenced if you have set up Twitter integration
  • Roles
  • Groups - You can assign the user to groups
  • Reviewable tags - if the user is an Achievement Reviewer you can limit the achievements the user can review by selecting tags
  • Reviewable schools - you can limit the achievements an Achievement Reviewer can review by selecting specific school sites you want them to review
  • Enabled - control whether or not a user has access to their account

Enabling and Disabling Many Users at the Same Time

Disabling a user account keeps the user's information but disables their ability to access Alludo. To disable or enable many users at the same time, select the checkbox next to the users name and then click on Enable Selected or Disable Selected

Deleting a User

To delete a user account that belongs to your instance of Alludo, click on the three ellipsis and select Delete. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

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