Completing an Activity

The main action a learner takes in Alludo is completing activities to earn achievements. Completing activities is performed from the player's game board. 

How to Get to an Activity

When you enter your game it takes you to your gameboard.  From the gameboard, click on the orange arrow in the bottom right corner of any level card. Level cards are indicated by the 3 circle icons at the top left. This will take you to all the missions in that level.  Click on the orange arrow  on the the mission topic you are interested in to get to all the activities on that topic. Mission cards are indicated by the two circle icon in the top left corner of the card. Activity Cards are indicated by the single circle icon in the top left corner. 

Select an Activity to Complete

From your game board, select an activity to complete.  Activity cards are indicated by the one-circle icon in the top left corner of the cards.  Clicking on the activity orange play button takes you to the activity where you can record an achievement.

Activity Overview

An activity is organized into three broad areas:Learning Activity, Resources, and Record Evidence . 

Learning Activity Section

The Learning Activity section provides the player with the instructions and supporting materials they need to successfully complete the activity. 

Resource Section

 The Resource section provides the learner the necessary information and instruction on how to complete the task assigned in the Learning Activity section.  

Record Evidence

To record evidence, the player can enter in text, images, videos, links, and files as evidence.  The activity will determine what type of evidence is required. When uploading an image, video, or, file the player needs to wait until they see a green check next to the file before it is uploaded. Once the player has provided the required evidence, they click on "Record Evidence" and the evidence is sent for review.

Pending Activity

After recording the evidence the the player will see a gray timer icon in place of the orange play button that indicates the activity is pending review. If the Activity Reviewer approves the evidence the timer will change to a green check icon and the player will be awarded their points and time for the activity. If the achievement reviewer pauses the activity the timer will change to a red pause icon that indicates the player needs to provide additional information.

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