Introduction to the Admin Panel

The starting point for managing your instance of Alludo is the admin panel. You navigate to the admin panel by clicking on Admin in the top menu. The admin panel is organized into four sections: Game Management, General Configuration, Engagement Management, Store Management

Game Management

  • Games - The main area for managing curriculum content.
  • Achievements - Review, approve, and pause achievements from your learners.
  • Catalog - Find great community-based curriculum content for your learners.
  • Subscription Review - Review subscription-based updates to your curriculum.
  • Achievement Tags - Manage who can review achievements.

General Configuration

  • District Settings - Manage the basics about your Alludo instance.
  • Users - Manage users who have access to your Alludo instance.
  • Groups - Manage groups in your Alludo instance.
  • Schools - Manage the school sites at your district.

Engagement Management

  • Broadcast Email - Send email to the people in your Alludo instance.
  • Periodic Emails - Manage periodic email reminders sent to the people in your instance.

Store Management

  • Orders - Manage orders made by your learners.
  • Products - Manage the products available to learners.
  • Reports - Use store reports to help you manage orders and rewards fulfillment.

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