District Settings

District Settings allows you to establish district wide settings that include

  • Basic information about your district and whether you share your games in the catalog
  • Whether you share player achievements on Twitter
  • Who can see reports
  • What leaderboards are displayed

Navigate to District Settings

To update District Settings, click on the Admin, then in the General Configuration card click on District Settings



In the Style section you can update your school logo and upload a background image for all the games in your district. 

Twitter Sharing

Add your Twitter application keys here to share player achievements on Twitter. You have the option of publishing when a player completes an achievement, a mission, and a level. We recommend that you start with sharing mission and level completion. Publishing when a player completes an achievement can result in a lot of tweets and Twitter may disable your account.

In order to share on Twitter, you need to register with Twitter. Registering an application with Twitter is a little involved but certainly doable. We walk you through registering an application with Twitter 


If stores are enabled for your district you will have the opportunity to set the name and the image for your store currency. The store currency applies to all games.

General Functions 


Select a name for your sites (defaults to Schools), provide a district URL, and open badge email 


Set which user roles are allowed to see reports. Defaults to all user roles being able to see reports.

Achievement Tags 

Creating Achievement Tags allows content and sites to be tagged.  Tagged Content and Sites can be used to assign tags to individual or multiple achievement reviewers. 

Enable Message Board

The district message board is a message board for everyone in the district.  The message board will connect learners from all games in the district. 

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