Periodic Emails

Periodic emails are emails that get sent automatically based on a timing you select. There are three periodic emails you can send:

  1. Inactive users encouragement
  2. Submitted achievements reminder
  3. Weekly achievements summary

Periodic Emails

To navigate to periodic emails, select the Admin menu and then Periodic Emails

Add, Edit, or Remove a Periodic Reminder

To add a periodic reminder, click on the large three dots in the upper right corner of the page and select the periodic reminder you would like to send.

To edit or remove a periodic email, select the three dots next to the periodic email.

Inactive Users Encouragement

This email is sent to users who have not completed an activity in a while. You can define the frequency of when the email is sent and how long the player can be inactive.

Submitted Achievements

This email sends out an email to Admins and Achievement Reviewers when they have achievements to review. You can set the daily frequency that the email is sent.

Weekly Achievement Summary

This is an email that is sent out once a week to all players. Note, there are no settings for the Weekly Achievement Summary email

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