Managing game details

The first step in building a game is to create the game. Here is how you manage games.

Navigate to Games

Within the admin menu, select Games

Create or Edit a Game

To create a game, click on the large plus icon in the upper right. To edit, click on the three dots next to the game you wish to edit.

Publishing a Game

Before a game can be accessed by your learners, you will need to publish it. To publish a game, click on the three dots and select "Publish".

Once you publish the game, it will be available to all of the learners that have access to the game.


The basic tab provides you with core information about the game. The description area will be presented to players when they are looking to learn about the general principles of your game.

Game Access

Game Access recently had a significant update. Please check out the screencast below to see the updates.


The style area establishes style elements for building your game. Each element you customize here will be the default when you are building game artifacts such as activities. By setting your styles here, you can establish a common look and feel for your entire game.

In addition to text style elements, you can also set a background image for your game.

Enabling Game Store for Players

If stores are enabled for your district, you need to enable the store in your game before players can make a purchase. This allows you to get your incentives set up in your store.

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