Managing Game Details

The first step in building a game is to create the game. Here is how you manage games.

Navigate to Games

From the Admin Page, select Games

Create or Edit a Game

To create a game, click on the + CREATE GAME icon. To edit, click on the game name you wish to edit

Publishing a Game

Before a game can be accessed by your learners, you will need to publish it. To publish a game, click on the box at the top right, then go to the top of the page and click Publish. Once you publish the game, it will be available to all of the learners that have access to the game.

Game Settings


The Basic area provides you with core information about the game. Here you can change the game name, add a summary, add twitter hashtags, add rules for the game, change the background image, change the supported languages, and enable the store.  


The Dashboard area allows you to change what groups are shown on the leaderboard and turn on and off the message boards for game, level, mission, and activity.


The style area establishes style elements for building your game. Each element you customize here will be the default when you are building game artifacts such as activities. By setting your styles here, you can establish a common look and feel for your entire game.  This section is also where you can add your default badge to the game.


The Catalog area is where you can manage the availability of your content to other districts in the catalog.


The evidence area is where you can add game wide default approval and pause responses.  You can also change the evidence icons that show up in activities for file, image, link, text, and video.

Game Access 

Game access is where you can manage individual users access to an individual game.


The invitations area is where you can create links to invite learners into your game. 

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