Approving Achievements

Once your game is up and running, the majority of your time is spent approving achievements. There is quite a bit that you can do to manage approving activities most efficiently that we'll address below, but if you are just interested in general achievement approval, we'll address that first.

Activity approval is designed to support multiple Achievement Reviewers. If you are about to approve an activity that another reviewer has approved, you will receive a message that the activity has been approved.

Approving Achievements

To approve activities, navigate to the Admin Page and find Achievements on the Game Management Card.

Once there, you will see all of the achievements pending review. Once here, there are two main actions you will generally take: (1) review the requirements of the activity and (2) review the evidence provided by the learner.

You have two primary actions you can take: Approve or Pause. If you Approve you can provide feedback to the learner. If you Pause, you must provide feedback to the learner. In both cases, the learner will receive an email with your message and the status of their achievement.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are four keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up approving achievements.

  • Shift+Left-Arrow : Go back to Previous Achievement
  • Shift+Right-Arrow : Advance to Next Achievement
  • Shift+Enter : Approve Achievement
  • Shift+Delete : Pause Achievement - You still need to provide feedback to the learner when pausing.


  • Creating default response when defining the activity will save you a lot of time approving by allowing you to quickly select and share feedback with the learner.
  • Click on uploaded image evidence type to view a larger version of the image
  • Click on uploaded video evidence to view directly in the achievement window


Filters are a great way to speed up the approval process by allowing you to focus on a given activity or set of activities. You can apply filter for a particular User, Game, Level, Mission, Activity, School, or Activity State. The filters will remain applied until you remove them.

Filters are also a great way for you to work with other approvers. Alludo is designed to support multiple approvers. When two approvers attempt to approve the same activity the 2nd person attempting to approve an already approved achievement will receive a message stating that the achievement is no longer approvable. To avoid running into these messages work with your fellow approvers and apply different filters. E.g., one approver takes all activities contained in one mission and one approver takes all activities in another mission.

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