Create and Manage Activities

Game building has changed in Alludo. 

An activity is the foundation of all learning in Alludo. Players complete Activities to earn Achievements.

  • An average learner should be able to complete an activity in 5 - 15 minutes. If it requires more time, consider splitting the activity into two activities.
  • The activity should provide everything a learner needs to be successful. Provide background details and information so that a learner can accomplish the activity.
  • Avoid making activity "task" or checkbox oriented. Learners have enough checkbox "learning". Invite the learner to...learn.
  • Make the activity visually appealing. Details matter and an activity that is visually appealing will result in higher engagement.

Investing time making activities compelling will result in higher engagement and more learning.

Add An Activity

Navigate to the game you want to add an activity and select the game.  Then click on Contents at the top. 

To add an activity within a game,click on + ADD ACTIVITY

Edit an Activity

To edit an activity, click the pencil icon next to the activity.

Key Activity Actions

Publish Makes the activity available to players. If you are a Level Designer, your activity will be reviewed by an Admin before it is made available to players
Archive Removes the activity from players. Players keep their points but the activity is removed from players' view.
Delete Removes the activity from players and removes all points from players that completed the activity.

Activity Sections

Most of the details of an activity are self-explanatory so we will call out special fields in each section.


In the basic section, you provide the essential information required for a player to earn an achievement.

Estimated Time to Complete The time in hours and minutes to complete an activity. This is shared with users and used for reporting. Note - hours is used as it is the standard way time is communicated. E.g., 00:15 = 15 minutes.
Required A user must complete this activity to complete the mission.
Description The heart of the activity. Provide as much detail here as necessary for a user to be successful.


This section supports the achievement approval process.

Criteria for Approval
Describes what is required to successfully complete the activity. Achievement reviewers see this information when approving achievements. This is also used as the criteria for open badges. If you want to provide your users with an open badge for the activity, be sure to provide descriptive criteria for approval.
Default Responses
Populate default responses to provide achievement reviewers with a quick and standard set of responses they can quickly provide to players.
Achievement Tags
Achievement Tags limit who can approve an activity. Useful if you have an achievement reviewer that only needs to review certain activities.


Available in Catalog
Select this option if you wish to share your activity with other districts


Badge If you upload a badge, the player will see the badge on the list of Special Badges when they successfully complete the activity.
Publish Activity As Open Badge
Use this to allow a player to download the badge as an open badge. Note, you must provide a Badge, Criteria, and an Open Badge Description for a badge to be used as an open badge.
Open Badge Description
The publicly available description of the open badge. Displayed in open badge systems.

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