Player Purchases from Store

Purchasing an incentive follows a basic shopping cart checkout flow.

Player Navigates to Game Store

Player navigates to game store by clicking on Store.

Browse Incentives in Game Store

Add the Incentive to Shopping Cart

Note, a player can add multiple items to their shopping cart before checking out.


Set Address

In an attempt to simplify the checkout process, we only allow setting the address to the player's school. All the player needs to do is click on "Save and Continue". At a later date, we may introduce allowing players to enter their address - e.g., school and room.

Set Delivery Method

Following the simplification theme, we only allow for one shipping method: deliver to school. All the player needs to do is select "Save and Continue"

Choose Payment

A player can only purchase an item if they have the balance in their account. They can check this on their game board but it is also displayed on the payment screen. If the player does not have enough to complete the purchase, they will receive an error message when they click on "Save and Continue"

When a player successfully completes an order, their game account is updated to reflect the purchase.


As the final step, the player receives confirmation that their order is complete and that they are awaiting shipment. (Coming soon: players and admins will receive emails at each phase of the fulfillment process).

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