Managing Orders

When players purchase incentives, it is up to you to manage the fulfillment of the orders. Stores offer an easy way to track which incentives have been shipped. 

Navigate to Orders


If you have any orders, you will see them here. While there is a lot of information in this view, the main columns you need to look at are the Shipment State and the Customer Email. (Risky, State, and Payment State will be soon deprecated).

Note how both orders have a Shipment State of "Ready". This means that the items are ready for you to ship.

Track Fulfillment

To track the fulfillment of your incentives, you simply need to ship the order. 

Click on the Order Number

Click Ship Button

Order Updated to Shipped

Note, when you click on ship the order is updated to shipped. If you are tracking inventory, your inventory is reduced by the count of items in the order. Players cannot add items to their shopping carts unless there is sufficient inventory.

View Ready vs Shipped Orders

Once you have shipped some orders, it is easy for you to review which orders you have fulfilled and which are waiting fulfillment. Note, the filters at the top are a great way to determine what orders are waiting fulfillment.

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