Adding a Product In Your Store

To add an incentive in the game store, you need to click on products on the Store Management Card.  To find this navigate to the admin page, find the card titled Store Management, and then click on Products.

Click on New Product

Set the Basic Product Attributes

The basic attributes of a product establish the name, price, and when the incentive is available to players.

  • Name - the name of the incentive
  • Master Price - the price of the incentive. This is the price in experience points that will be subtracted from a players game account
  • Available On - when the incentive will be available for players to purchase
  • Shipping Categories - Select "Default"
  • Game - Select the game the incentive will be available in
  • Level - the Level that the incentive will be available. Be sure to select the appropriate level corresponding to the game you selected

Note, you do not need to provide any input for SKU or Prototype

Add Product Details

Once you establish the basics of the incentive you can add a description, images, and stock (inventory). At a minimum, we encourage you to add a compelling description and images.

You can add multiple images

Establish Your Stock (Inventory)

To automatically track your inventory, set your stock levels for the incentive. To add stock, add a quantity and select Add Stock. In our example, we added 100 robots. When players order incentives, this number will be automatically reduced so you always know how many robots (incentives) you have on hand.

  • Track inventory - if this is selected then you track inventory. If you are providing something that tracking inventory is unnecessary - perhaps credit hours - then you can uncheck this.
  • Backorderable - if this is selected players can order the incentive even if you do not have it on stock. You and the player will be notified that the item is on backorder.

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