Adjusting Player Accounts

As players progress through a game, Alludo keeps track of players' accounts for you so adjusting a player's account is generally not needed. There may be cases where you want to adjust a player's account for a game. For example, you might be rolling out your incentives after a game has already launched and so you want to account for incentives that have already been awarded.

Key Concept: The balance in a player account is separate from player points. Player points are the points a player earns as they play a game. The balance in a player account is debited and credited as they earn points and make purchases in the store.

To adjust a player's account for a given game, go to the Accounts Report.

Next, click on the player's balance in the Balance column

Now you can see all the details for the player's account transactions and make adjustments. Click on the green Credit button to increase the player's account balance. Click on the red Debit button to decrease the player's account balance.

You can add a note so that you can recall the transaction details at a later date.

You should not have to do manual adjustments very often but if you do then this is how you do it.

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