School Performance Report

The School Performance report presents similar information as the Player Performance report but for Schools (Districts, Organizations). Note, the School Performance report is a calculation intensive report and so it is refreshed about every 30 minutes.

  • Learners - the number of learners participating
  • Points - the total number of points learners have earned
  • Time - the total amount of time learners have learned based on estimated time to complete an activity


The School Performance report offers several filters to allow you to drill down into school performance.

  • District: The district defaults to your home district. If you have access to other districts you can expand the scope of the report here.
  • Game: You can drill down into specific district games to get a sense of how schools are performing within games.
  • School: Specify a school.
  • Approve from - Approve to: School performance is built on the notion of when achievements were approved. By setting this date range you can see view school performance over a user specified time range.

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