Broadcast Emails

Maintaining learner engagement is something you must make part of your practice. One tool to help you with this is Broadcast Emails. Broadcast emails allow you to quickly and easily send email to your learners. With Broadcast Emails you can send to all your learners or to learners of a particular game or role.

To start using Broadcast emails, navigate to the Admin Page and click on Broadcast Emails on the Engagement Management Card.

This brings you to the main broadcast email page where you will see all of the emails. To create a new broadcast email, click on "+ ADD." 

Editing the email is straightforward. Once you have a subject and content added, you can segment who receives the email by groups, game, school, and role. You have a full editor to compose your email.  You can also decide when the email will be sent out.   Keep in mind that with email, simpler is better. Despite great advances in web technologies, email is still not great at rendering complex HTML. If you do decide that you want to make a really cool looking email, we strongly recommend reading Mailchimp's HTML Email Guide.

Once you've composed your email, you can preview it by clicking on the subject.

The preview will show you what the email will look like and who it will be sent to.

Once you are happy with the way it looks, you can send the email. Before sending it be sure to send a test to yourself. We try to render the email the way it will look but it's always a good practice to see how the email renders in your email client. Once you are satisfied that the email appears the way you want it to, send the email to all. We'll keep a copy for your reference.

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