Linking Identities to a Single Alludo Account


Alludo supports linking multiple identities to a single account. An identity is a login method used to sign into Alludo. Examples of identities include the username and password used to sign in to your Google district email (for Google districts); the username and password used to sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 district email (for Microsoft districts); and social identities such as Twitter and Facebook.

First Sign In

Linking identities is used after you have signed into Alludo the first time. If you have never signed in to Alludo, read the Signing In To Alludo article before proceeding.

Linking Identities to Your Alludo Account

Linking accounts happens much less frequently than signing into Alludo with a single identity. However, there are several cases where it may be required to link one or more identities to an Alludo account. An example where you would want to link multiple identities to a single account might be for a district that provides both Google and Microsoft Office 365 accounts. Another example would be to link your personal Gmail account to your Alludo account.

In the steps that follow, it is assumed that you have already signed into Alludo with your district credentials and created an account.

Sign In To Alludo With Your Secondary Identity

Select Link The New Identity To Connect To Your Existing Account

After You Authenticate Your Identities Are Linked To Your Single Alludo Account

After you successfully authenticate with the identity currently linked to your Alludo account, both of your identities will be linked to your Alludo account and you will be able to sign in with either identity going forward. 

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