Inviting People to Protected Games

With protected games, you need to explicitly invite people to participate in the game. You can create invitations for players, level designers, achievement approvers, and admins. To create an invitation, take the following steps.

Navigate to Games

Click into the Game You Wish to Create Invitations For

Select Invitations and Click on Invitations List

 Click on +ADD

Create the Invitation

When creating an invitation, you have three primary decisions to make: is the invitation open or closed; what role will invitees have in the game, and if you want to add the invitees into specific groups. 

Open or Closed Invitation 

There are two types of invitations for protected games: open and closed. With an open invitation, you create a unique link that anyone can use to access the game. An open invitation can be used multiple times by multiple people. With a closed invitation, every person receives a unique link that provides them with access to the game. Once the person clicks on the link it cannot be used by anyone else.


The people you invite into a game will have a role you define for the game. It is possible to make a person a player in one game and an admin in another. Whatever you decide, you must select a role.


Invitees can be put into game-groups with the invitation.  You have to have the groups already made to add them to an invitation.


To complete the invitation, provide the email addresses of the people you wish to invite. They will receive an email with their invitation. Note, because closed invitations are unique to the individuals being invited, you must provide email addresses for closed invitations.

Copying an Open Invitation URL

You can share open invitations with anyone. To copy the URL, click the copy icon. You can then share this URL in email and in presentations.

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