Adding a Group

Adding a group is a straightforward operation. The only big decision you have to make is whether you are adding a group for the district or adding a group for a game. 

To add a new group, navigate to Groups in the Admin menu. Group management is currently limited to Admins.

Next, click on Add to create new Group.

This is the most important part of creating a Group - supplying the information about the group. The most important decision you need to make is whether the Group applies to your district or to a game within your district. 

The question you might be asking right now is, "When would I use a district group and when would I use a game group?" You would use district groups if you want to group people across the entire district. Examples of these types of groups might be grouping teachers by entire grade levels or subject areas. For example, "Primary School Teachers."

You would assign a group to a game if you want to group people into teams within a game. An example might be "Project Group Alpha", "Project Group Bravo", and "Project Group Charlie". 

Group Fields

District: if you have access to multiple districts, you need to select the district you want the Group to live. If you only have access to a single district then you don't need to worry about this field.

Game: If you want the Group to be associated with a single game, then select the game. If you want a district group then just leave this field blank.

Name: Pick a great name.

About: Describe your group here. It's not a mandatory field but you will want to provide a good description so that you can differentiate groups in the future.

Automatic Membership: This field allows you to automatically assign people to a group based on their email domain. The field makes the most sense if you are serving multiple domains within your district.

Click Save

Once you have populated the fields, click "Save," and your Group is created.

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