Groups Overview

The only way to organize people in Alludo before Groups was school sites. While important organizing people by school sites was quite limiting: a person can belong to one and only one school site.

  • What if you want to organize people by school site and grade level, subject area, or favourite sports team?
  • What if you want to organize people in a game into project teams?
  • What if you want to organize people into certificated staff, classified staff, para professionals, administrative staff, and parents?

You can do this with school sites but it gets unruly quickly. With groups and subgroups you no longer have to hack school sites to create groups.

To get to Group Management.  Go to the Admin page, and on the General Configuration card, click on Groups.  

Group Reporting

Once you have people organized into groups you can view how the each group is performing within the Group Performance report. Be sure to check out the related articles to dig deeper into things like Group Reporting.

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