Roles in Alludo

There are five organization roles in Alludo:

  • Player
  • Admin
  • Level Designer
  • Achievement Reviewer
  • Store Manager


In order to participate in a game in Alludo, a person must be assigned the Player role. Players can participate in games, view analytics, and view their portfolio. People assigned the player role will have access to all open games.


The admin role allows a person to manage all aspects of your Alludo instance including managing games, performing general configuration, managing engagement, and managing your store. This role is extremely powerful and should be granted to people with care.

Level Designer

The Level Designer role allows people to build levels, missions, and activities within a game. When a Level Designer has built out curriculum, it must be reviewed by an Admin before it can be published.

Achievement Reviewer

An Achievement Reviewer role allows a person to review achievements.

Store Manager

If you are using a store to manage game rewards then a store manager role allows a person to manage products and orders.

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