Sending email from your district

By default, email sent from Alludo comes from the address To improve participation, we find that it's better if your players receive an email from your district (organization). Setting this up is done in three simple steps.

Create an Email Alias or Address

Create an email address or alias that your players will receive emails from. You will need to be able to receive email from this address. Pick an email that players will recognize. You can pick a pattern like but if you plan on hosting multiple games you may want to consider something a little more organizational in nature such as Don't be afraid to have a little fun in picking your alias!

Send Alludo a Message

Once you have created your alias, send us a note that includes the email alias you wish to use. We will work with our email service provider (Amazon) to set things up so that emails from Alludo can come from your newly created alias.

Confirm That We Can Send Email on Your Behalf

Check the email account that receives email from your newly created alias for an email from Amazon Web Services. In this email, Amazon is asking you to confirm that it's okay for Alludo to send email on behalf of your email alias. 

That's It!

Once you have confirmed with Amazon, we will set things up on our side so that your players will receive Alludo emails from the email alias you set up.

We'll communicate with you along the way to let you know where you are in the process.

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