Setting Default Pause Responses

There are many cases where you want to be able to provide a standard response when a player submits an activity but has not completed all the work. In the time of everything being in the cloud, permissions are often an issue. E.g., you will often find that a link to a document requires the owner to set permissions before you can view it. Whatever the reason, there are two areas you can set default pause responses: globally within a game or within an evidence type.

Game Global Default Responses

To provide standard default responses for all activities within a game, you can set a default response within Game Settings. This is a good place to set default responses that will be common to all activities such as "Be sure to grant permissions to view your Google Doc". To set a default response, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin --> Games
  2. Open of the game settings by clicking on the ellipses.
  3. Navigate to the Evidence tab.

Evidence Type Default Responses

For default responses that will be specific to a particular evidence request, you will want to set the default response within the evidence type. To set the default pause response within the evidence type take the following steps:

  1. Within your Game Contents, navigate to the Activity
  2. Scroll down to the Evidence Type
  3. Populate the text you want as a Default Response

A Note On Subscriptions

Activities that you have subscribed to cannot have their evidence types updated. In this case, you may want to consider using global default responses as defined above or you may want to consider reaching out to the author of the activity and have them update the published activity. There's a good chance that you might not be the only one who needs to have the default pause responses updated for this activity.

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